Under the old, static city gate at the port occurs an old Palermian sight. Homeless migrants who seek shelter underneath it. Hundreds of migrants are still arriving daily by boat on the Italian islands in the Mediterranean sea. In January alone more than 2347 people (infomigrants.net) made the dangerous crossing and set land in Italy. But after they get out of the vessels alive, the next struggle begins: finding your place in Italy or another European country.

Jenny (41) who’s a migrant herself, but is in Palermo for 34 years now, points at a guy who’s sleeping in a corner inside of the busty gate. Covered in vague red and yellow blankets, you have to walk past him to see him. In the small openings in the walls you find all kinds of personal belongings. Dry blankets, shoes and carboard boxes are stuffed in the small nooks.


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